Workshop on Embrace your exams without fear & anxiety 18 Feb 2018

On Feb 18th, 2018 Sunday evening, the PAGE Banjara Hills branch organized a session on “Embrace your exams without fear and anxiety”… a much needed talk at the moment when students are preparing for Pre-Boards and Board Exams and the parents are undergoing the tension and stress along with them. The speaker for the evening was Dr. Jane Wallbrown, Ph.D. (Psychology) who has almost 2 decade of specialization in counselling students and parents in this very area, including career guidance and career prospects. Her presentation was very enlightening and informative, and her interactive style had both the students and parents hanging on to her every word. According to Dr. Jane Wallbrown, all stress is not necessarily bad. There is positive and negative stress. Positive stress helps us accomplish our goals. But we must be careful not to let positive stress turn into negative stress. This was really a huge revelation for the parents and all agreed after the talk that it would really help them help their kids to study in a better manner. The student were mostly Class X students from the nearby schools, and they all felt that it was a most helpful session for them…in fact, they left demanding more such sessions! We wish the students all the best for the Board exams and hopefully now they will be able to prepare more productively in a stress-free manner! ​