A.M.Andrew is the Academic Coordinator, Incharge of Content development and the Digital platform of PAGE. He joined PAGE in March 2005, after gaining two years’ experience as an Administrative Executive at Orient Medisystems Hyderabad. Since 2005, he has been efficiently handling the academic planning of all the Centres of PAGE – Preparing all types of content for all the courses with the help of the Academic team, planning all the course schedules, providing counselling to the students for choosing their appropriate careers and all the challenges the job poses.
Today, Andrew is a skilled and dedicated senior administrator with 18 years of experience in coordinating, planning and supporting daily operational and administration functions in his kitty.
He succeeds in exceeding the targets set for him by utilizing his excellent communication, interpersonal and team building skills. He is adept at developing and maintaining administrative processes that reduce redundancy, improve accuracy and efficiency to achieve organizational objectives.
His major strengths are his communication skills and excellent time management abilities. He leads by example and inspires not only those working under him but the students he as well.