Srikanth Medoji plays a much significant role in the Digital and Tech support team. His multitasking skills enables him to provide the technical support required to manage the E Learning platform, Digital Marketing and Career Guidance Team. His rich field experience has immensely benefitted the organisation and he strives hard to market PAGE’s varied products and courses with élan .
A quick learner, he soon proved himself to be an active team member at PAGE.
He is a Graphic artist and designer too with a talent for developing unique custom artwork – an innovative approach to idea and concept development. His many abilities include creating and updating content, designs onto the company’s website. His unparalleled skills at creative design for marketing packages which include print materials, brochures, banners and signboards used for various promotional activities.He is not only known for his calm and composed demeanor but also for his meticulous and careful planning of work that he displays.
He is also an avid animal lover and has a passion for music and cricket.