Teaching Methodology

We believe in structured learning by which we mean a stage by stage focused learning. As a first step, our teachers introduce all the relevant theory, concepts & problems in every topic. Once the explanatory part of a particular topic is over, the teachers move on to the next stage wherein they give an objective sheet covering all the aspects of the given topic in various objective-type formats. These include questions that seek to test the ‘understanding’ of the students, his ability to analyze & apply the concepts he is taught or is expected to know in the given topic. These questions are discussed in detail by the teacher in the class. This is the stage where a student will get to know the intricacies of various kinds of objective questions. This will also enable the students to enhance his/her understanding of the subject.

In the next stage, an assignment is given in the same topic with a number of objective questions. The student is expected to work out all the problems and answer all other questions which demand an in-depth understanding and the reasoning ability of the student. These assignments are designed to enable the student for getting the required practice needed to have a command over the topic. In this stage, the teacher’s help is sought only as a last resort.

We believe the students need to go through this exercise as it empowers them with the kind of reasoning they need to have to answer any kind of objective question. In this stage, the teacher acts only as a facilitator.

In the following stage, a student is given tests. These tests help the teacher and the taught to valuate performance. The performance of the students in these tests is meticulously analyzed by a team of competent teachers. After the evaluation, the teachers explore all possibilities to ensure that the students realize their inadequacies and shortcomings. Separate teaching sessions are held for those students who have failed to understand or comprehend any part of the given topic.

A student has to go through all these stages in every topic. A number of comprehensive tests (covering a major part of the syllabus) are held at periodic intervals and, in the final stage, mock tests (covering the entire syllabus & structured in the pattern of the exam) will be conducted.

All possible remedial steps will be taken, wherever & whenever necessary.