The PAGE Advantage

What is the PAGE Advantage?

The PAGE Advantage is that which sets our institute apart and brings unique benefits to those who opt to join us. In this day and age of keen competition, parents and children are scrambling to get to the right institute that will coach them to successfully get through the entrance exams of their choice. But sometimes they pay a high price for it in terms of, not just money, but the stress and trauma that their child goes through in achieving his/her goals. At PAGE we make sure that you have a comfortable positive learning experience. Here’s what you can expect:

Small learning groups & centers: We never take more than 40 students even in our ‘biggest’ learning group so that the teacher can effectively monitor the progress and needs of each student. In some cases, such as drawing classes, the teaching is actually one-on-one.

Customized, personalized learning experience: We ensure a personalized learning experience customized to what exactly the student is looking for. Our teaching methodology is based on a foundation of conceptual clarity as we believe that once the concepts are clear, the student can attempt any question. There is no rote learning at PAGE. We do not follow a system of segregation as we believe peer group influence is a very important part of the learning experience. We conduct multiple mock tests based on the entrance exams the students want to give. This ensures that when they go through the actual exam – whether online of offline – it is a comfortable familiar exercise for them. Year after year, this methodology has ensured that each student gets at least 4 – 5 offers in hand to choose from.

Integrated courses: Our courses are integrated such that it increases the options a student has. For example, those who go through the Integrated Training Program 2 can opt not only for Architecture, but also for Design, Fashion Technology or Fine Arts if they so wish. It gives the student a better bouquet of choices once they have completed the training.

Application assistance: We offer students end to end admission counseling and application assistance. Applying for various colleges and exams can be a confusing experience not just for the student, but for the parent also. We take care of that entire process for you, thus easing the burden and leaving the student to concentrate fully on exam preparation.

Free coaching for Personal Interview & Group Discussion: Today Personal Interviews & Group Discussions are part of the selection process in many Universities. Once the student gets a call letter to attend the Personal Interview & Group Discussion, we train them in what they can expect once they face the interview panel. This is part of our policy to provide end-to-end assistance to the student.

High quality technology & knowledge partners: We also have high quality technology & knowledge partners:

  • We have partnered with Edutor to fulfill the tablet requirement for our students. Edutor has advanced solutions which help enhance curriculum delivery through the deployment of tablets.
  • We also partner with Butterfly Fields to provide high quality concept maps to our students which help them understand the web of relationships between concepts in a chapter. These have proved hugely successful in the classroom. Butterfly Fields is an IIT – IIM alumni initiative to make learning hands-on.
  • Pearson Learning India, a leading academic and professional books publisher in India, is also one of our knowledge partners with whom we have partnered for all the text books required for JEE. Pearson Learning is a leading provider of innovative teaching, learning and research solutions for the academic, professional and library markets worldwide.
  • Additionally we have partnered with Nova Press, USA for authentic up-to-date content for GRE, GMAT & SAT . Nova Press publishes some of the finest, most comprehensive test-prep materials available with comprehensive, rigorous preparation for the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, and SAT.
  • Our most recent partnership is with Tempest Strings USA with whom PAGE has partnered for Computer Adaptive Test Preparation for GRE & GMAT coaching.

PAGE is constantly looking for ways and means to make the learning experience more and more effective and positive for the student. We have always gone above and beyond to provide the student with exactly what they want and need. We shall continue to strive hard in this direction.

So what are you waiting for? Get the PAGE Advantage today!