Intermediate MPC with Engineering

MPC Intermediate Course

PAGE, recognized Junior Colleges in Hyderabad, registered with the Board of Intermediate, Government of Telangana, offers MPC combination which is a 2 Year Intermediate with Integrated Program, training students for both the Intermediate Public Examination (IPE) as well as for JEE/BITSAT/NEET/EAMCET and all the top Engineering entrance exams in the country. 

This is meant for students who have completed their Class X. Apart from thorough training for JEE/BITSAT/EAMCET, this includes: 

• Mock tests for JEE, BITSAT, VIT, AMRITA, SRM including online tests for Manipal, Gitam, Symbiosis etc

• BITSAT Logic & Language Workshop with 15 online tests

• Top Tech Schools admission processing & selection counseling.

2 Year Integrated Training for JEE/BITSAT/NEET/EAMCET and all the top Engineering entrance exams with MPC is offered at both our Banjara Hills, Himayatnagar as well as at our co-ed Day center and Boys Residential campuses located at Kompally. For a second language, the students have the option of either Sanskrit or French.

PAGE – Best Intermediate colleges in Hyderabad for MPC

Learning Methodology

The learning program conducted by PAGE is a well-structured four-level course. We maintain very high testing standards and expect our students to be highly motivated and responsive throughout the training period. We do not believe in spoon-feeding with complete explanatory solutions for simple questions though we do provide personal attention to clear queries and monitor the student’s progress on a regular basis. Therefore, only those students who wish to put in sufficient efforts and go through the rigorous demands of our course, are advised to join this program. We believe that your sincere efforts coupled with our guidance and support should assure proper preparation not only for JEE (main and advanced) & BITSAT but also for your Board examination, since the Board examination syllabus does not differ much from JEE (main and advanced) & BITSAT course, except for the fact that they need different presentation abilities. Remember that Board exam performance is equally important in the competition for JEE & BITSAT.

Course Structure:

The training program has four modules:


This module contains course material with classroom instruction. When the classroom sessions are in progress, the given course material is explained in detail from basic concepts to test specific topics. Students who are weak in Physics need not worry. The course takes up basic areas as part of the lectures.


This module provides additional practice to gain confidence, right speed and precision. Students are given assignments and tests with complete solutions, which cover all the units specified in the syllabus. These assignments and tests can be best made use of only if they have attended all classes and followed classroom instructions.


As the course progresses beyond fundamentals, students are given tests to improve proficiency in all areas. In this module, a proficiency test is conducted for every five units to serve as a reminder to revise and revisit units. There is a tendency to forget what was learned in the first unit as one approach the fourth unit. These tests have proved to be highly effective in helping students remember what they had learned a month or two earlier. The second objective of these tests is to help students master each of these topics by extensive and periodic practice.


In this module, entire tests based on JEE (main and advanced) & BITSAT patterns are conducted to test minimum proficiency in all the sections of the full-length tests. Often, a student may find that he/she does not cross the minimum score in a section. Our evaluation system is designed to highlight these weaknesses. Trends like high error rate, low attempts, and weak sections are easily traced. Avoidable mistakes made are exposed during these tests and are rectified so as to build their confidence levels from one test to the next.

Class Timings: 8.15 am to 4.15 pm

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