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“My Edupack is a comprehensive online revision tool for JEE BITSAT
from renowned content developers and services offered by PAGE which
has been delivering academic excellence for the last 35 years.

My EduPack eases self-study at home, emphasizes textbook importance,
enhances performances and helps in perfect undergrad college selection”

PAGE virtual classroom platform delivered over 12500 LIVE lectures
to 4525 Engineering, Business, Commerce, Architecture & Design
aspirants for the past 22 months.

It’s proctored testing platform administered around 207 simulated
online tests for JEE, BITSAT, JEE B Arch, NATA, DESIGN, CLAT, BBA etc
Now the proven, experienced & updated PAGE virtual platform

geared up to deliver MyEduPack- JEE BITSAT online courses to prepare you to win…..


   Customised Study Schedules

There are three ways to use MyEdupack and prepare

Prepare @ convenience
Prepare @ set pattern courses

  • Mid term
  • Short Term
  • Crash course

Prepare @ customized courses for you

We mentor students by walking them through the pages of My EduPack. We guide students on ways to plan convenient packets of study time and study hours tailored to harmonize with the material and with their goals. Schedules are customized to each student’s needs and capabilities. For example, if a student desires to write only JEE and not BITSAT, we tailor a program to accommodate this specific requirement. We trim what’s not required and tuck in what is. It involves a fine-tuning and blending of the importance of textbooks and the study material that makes for My EduPack.

   Video Lectures (Entrance Prep:160 hrs)

These are recorded Video Lectures offered LIVE by the faculty to all JEE BITSAT aspirants and offers a detailed lesson aligned with the entranceprep.
As mentioned, My EduPack is supplemental to text book learning. The two go hand-in-hand. Truly, in times to come, text-books might feel quite lost without My EduPack!

   Reference Material (MPC 120 Files)

It is designed as an adjunct to text-book study. In other words – it doesn’t replace it – but adds to it: adds value to it and act as a value addition to your test preparation.

   Quick revision maps

Quick revision Maps include the clear and concise mapping of information to enable the student to navigate through a slew of information in one fell stroke, rather than having to wade through a sea of information, unguided. Hence it serves as a quick revision tool for last minute preparation.

  Comprehensive online testing platform

These include professional and systematic periodic testing:

+ Topic-wise Tests

+  Cumulative Tests.  

+ GrandTests

   Live online classes for BITSAT logic & Language

  Entrance exam Application Guidelines

For all bonafide students registered with PAGE, we take the responsibility of furnishing information about examination notifications and also give complete support for application procedures

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  • “Please tell me how the study material is designed?”

“With pleasure! You will be glad to know that while designing the study material, we follow the tried and tested logic of mastering the fundamentals before moving on to practice tests. The flow of the material accommodates this logic. The material is up-to-date, student-centric, and focused on logical sequencing of subject content. These are the core elements of our study material My EduPack which has been created by our knowledge partners and faculty using the latest R&D, technology and Instructional Design techniques.”

  • “What is the background of the Mentors? What is their experience?”

“A very good question! Thank you. At PAGE, it is the people and partners behind the process that add value to the teaching, the education, and the product. At PAGE students are mentored by experts in their respective fields and subjects. They are in tune with the latest trends in examination patterns. And here’s the litmus test: they even solve the actual exam on the day of the examination!”

  • “How are you different from other fellow educators? XYZ is also doing the same thing.”

To quote Henry Van Dyke: …the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best… Yes! We are aware that there are a few other products in the market. PAGE honors competition and it is on the anvil of competition that we have proven our mettle and emerged with flying colors each time, every time. We offer superior products and services, unmatched and incomparable. These have emerged as a result of our association with top-notch content providers, and knowledge and technology partners. Our faculty members are knights in shining armor, standing a cut above the rest. The environment at our facilities is fragrant with the buzz of positive energy. PAGE Study Material is created, sourced, outsourced, designed & developed, and modelled along the highest standards of excellence. In all, the recipe for stand-alone excellence.”

  • “How have your past results been?”

“While My EduPack is being launched this current year, it is invested with the overall PAGE legacy of quality and excellence. May we also aver, it is in response to popular demand.”

  • “Don’t mind… but your product is not tried and tested. How are we to know that it will produce the desired result?”

“We take delight in your questions and request you to come up with as many as occur in your mind. We assign to our product: our name, our legacy, and our signature. We have always delivered on promises. For PAGE, a promise made is a promise delivered.”

  • “Do you give any guarantees?”

“You will bear witness to real-life conditions. While it is not possible to give absolute guarantees, we do stand guarantee for the superior grade of our material and for the high-quality output of our experienced and talented faculty.”

  • “How long is the material valid for?”

“The material is valid for one academic year – at a time. There are two courses in place: one for Class 11 students and one for Class 12 students.

  • “Can we download the video lectures and material?”

“The videos and material are not downloadable.”

  • “Is this comparable with the live coaching & crash courses that you conduct?”

“Absolutely. In fact it is better because it allows you to create your own study and testing schedule and learn at your own pace. The beauty of the course lies in its freedom and flexibility and its ability to be customized.”

  • “How do I get information about the various entrance exam dates?”

“For all bonafide students registered with PAGE, we take the responsibility of furnishing information about examination notifications and also give complete support for application procedures.”

  • “Can I take re-tests?”

“Yes, of course! If you are not satisfied with your performance in a test, we can go back and customize your schedule further so that you can be well prepared for success in the re-test.”

  • “What if my internet connection fails during a test? What do I do?”

 “Relax! You can take a re-test.”

  • “Can I log in and take tests on my mobile?”

 “ The testing platform is compatible with mobile phones.”