M.SRINIVAS is an M.Sc (Tech) in Engineering Physics from the prestigious, Previously known as REC (Warangal) in 2002. 

Affectionately known as MSR Sir, Srinivas’ at PAGE philosophy of teaching is simple. He has tangent Physics at several Institutes which includes PIE Education, kanpur and also in corporate colleges like Narayana and Chaitanya before joining PAGE in 2014 which is reflected in his teaching. Right from the beginning he has had an inclination and leaning towards the teaching with his commitment and love for the subject, he makes Physics look simpler, fun and easy to learn. His approach is to focus more on the practical application of concepts of Physics, especially numericals.

Srinivas’ strength is his passion and commitment and his innovative teaching style. His famous one liners include

“Strength in the basics is the most important thing,” he says.

“Concentrate on the fundamentals and you can learn anything” and

“Learn with passion and don’t take anything for granted”.

Srinivas is currently pursuing his Ph.D in Physics from Osmania University. Whenever he has some spare time, he is either reading Books or Playing cricket.