Intermediate Colleges in Hyderabad For MPC – IIT, JEE, BITSAT

MPC Intermediate Course [JEE/ BITSAT/ EAMCET]

Are you searching for the top junior colleges in Hyderabad that offer MPC courses? Look no further! Our PAGE-recognized junior colleges in Hyderabad, duly registered with the Board of Intermediate, Government of Telangana, provide a comprehensive MPC program.

Why Choose Our Intermediate Colleges for MPC in Hyderabad?

Our institutions are among the best intermediate colleges in Hyderabad for MPC, offering a two-year integrated program. We are committed to preparing students for success in both the Intermediate Public Examination (IPE) and various competitive engineering entrance exams, including JEE, BITSAT, and EAMCET.

Here’s what sets PAGE apart:

1. Comprehensive Preparation:

Our dedicated faculty provides comprehensive training for JEE, BITSAT, VIT, AMRITA, SRM, Manipal, Gitam, Symbiosis, and more through mock tests and online assessments.

2. BITSAT Logic & Language Workshop:

We offer a specialized workshop focused on BITSAT, enhancing students’ logical and language skills, accompanied by 15 online tests to practice and perfect their BITSAT exam strategy.

3. Admission Processing & Counseling:

As a part of our service, we also provide guidance and counseling for admission into top tech schools, ensuring that students make informed decisions regarding their higher education.

4. Convenient Locations:

Our 2-Year Integrated Training for JEE/BITSAT/EAMCET with MPC is available at multiple locations across Hyderabad, including Banjara Hills, Himayatnagar, Hitec City, and Kompally, our co-ed Day center. We also offer a Boys Residential campus in Kompally for added convenience.

5. Language Options:

To cater to diverse student preferences, we provide the choice of either Sanskrit or French as a second language.

Learning Methodology

At PAGE, we offer a comprehensive and meticulously designed four-level course for MPC students. Our approach is rooted in maintaining exceptionally high testing standards, fostering motivation, and nurturing responsiveness among our students. We don’t believe in spoon-feeding or providing exhaustive explanatory solutions to every question. Instead, we emphasize self-driven learning and critical thinking.

We place great importance on personalized attention, addressing individual queries, and monitoring each student’s progress regularly. Our goal is to empower dedicated learners who are ready to invest the required effort to meet the rigorous demands of our program.

Why Choose PAGE for Your MPC Journey?

Effective JEE and BITSAT Preparation

PAGE is your gateway to not only excelling in your Board examinations but also achieving success in competitive exams like JEE (main and advanced) and BITSAT. Our curriculum is strategically aligned to cover all the necessary topics and skills required for these exams.

Balanced Focus on Board Exams:

We understand that your performance in Board exams is equally important in your journey towards JEE and BITSAT success. The good news is that our course ensures thorough preparation for Board exams, as the syllabus aligns closely with that of JEE and BITSAT.

Personalized Guidance and Support:

Our experienced faculty members are dedicated to your success. They provide personal attention, clear doubts, and guide you through the challenging aspects of the MPC curriculum.

Holistic Development:

At PAGE, we don’t just focus on academic excellence; we also nurture your presentation abilities and problem-solving skills. Our holistic approach prepares you for both the theoretical and practical aspects of your educational journey.

Hostel Facilities:

Looking for the best intermediate colleges in Hyderabad for MPC with hostel facilities? Look no further! PAGE offers comfortable and secure hostel accommodations to cater to your academic needs.

MPC Intermediate Course Structure in Hyderabad

Are you on the hunt for the top 10 intermediate colleges in Hyderabad for MPC (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry)? Look no further. Our intermediate course offers a comprehensive and structured program designed to help students excel in these crucial subjects. Whether you’re seeking the best inter colleges in Hyderabad for MPC or simply the top junior colleges in Hyderabad for MPC, our course has you covered. Here’s a breakdown of our MPC intermediate course structure:


This initial module serves as the foundation of our program. We provide course material accompanied by classroom instruction. During the classroom sessions, our experienced instructors explain the course material, starting from fundamental concepts and extending to specific test topics. If you’re worried about your grasp of Physics, fear not – we cover basic areas during the lectures to ensure that every student is on the same page.


In the progress module, we offer additional practice to enhance your confidence, speed, and precision. Students are assigned practice exercises and tests with complete solutions, covering all units specified in the syllabus. To make the most of these assignments and tests, it’s essential to attend all classes and follow the classroom instruction diligently.


As the course advances beyond the fundamentals, we focus on improving proficiency in all areas. We conduct proficiency tests for every five units, serving as a reminder to revise and revisit previously covered topics. It’s common for students to forget what they learned in the first unit as they progress to the fourth unit. These tests prove highly effective in helping students retain knowledge from earlier units and master each topic through extensive and periodic practice.


In the prowess module, we administer comprehensive tests based on JEE (main and advanced) & BITSAT patterns. These tests evaluate minimum proficiency in all sections of the full-length tests. They help identify weaknesses, such as high error rates, low attempts, and problem areas. Mistakes are brought to light during these tests, allowing for corrections and boosting confidence from one test to the next.

Class Timings: 8.15 am to 4.15 pm

Register now to secure your place in one of the best intermediate colleges in Hyderabad for MPC. Our course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in these crucial subjects. Join us on the path to success in the field of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.


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Frequently Asked Questions

At Page Academy, recognized among the top 10 intermediate colleges in Hyderabad for MPC, we cater to diverse student aspirations. Upon completing MPC, our students unlock numerous possibilities abroad. While many choose engineering, including Computer Science, Electronics, Mechanical, and more, our MPC program extends to science, management, and arts. As one of the best intermediate colleges in Hyderabad for MPC, we provide a robust foundation, preparing you for global opportunities. Explore pure sciences, management studies, or arts and commerce at Page Academy, one of the top junior colleges in Hyderabad for MPC, with hostel facilities for your convenience.

Page Academy stands among the top intermediate colleges in Hyderabad for MPC, offering the best education with a focus on IIT, JEE, and NEET. Our comprehensive MPC program prepares students for lucrative careers in high-demand fields, including roles like Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, and more. With top-notch facilities, including hostel options, we ensure a well-rounded education for aspiring engineers. Join Page Academy for a successful and fulfilling professional journey in computer science and various engineering streams.

At Page Academy,  we stand out as one of the top 10 intermediate colleges in Hyderabad for MPC, specializing in IIT, JEE, and NEET preparation. We believe that the best career choice post-MPC intermediate depends on each student’s unique goals, interests, and passions. We refrain from asserting that a specific course is universally perfect after MPC. However, considering the myriad job opportunities globally, particularly in engineering, we acknowledge that opting for engineering can be a wise decision. Our commitment is to guide students in aligning their aspirations with the diverse educational paths available, ensuring a well-informed and personalized choice for a successful future.

Upon completing your undergraduate studies abroad with Page Academy, a world of high-paying job opportunities awaits. The decision to work abroad or return to India is deeply personal and depends on individual aspirations. Page Academy prepares students for success in the global job market, offering guidance for informed choices. With a strong foundation, our graduates can confidently navigate the abundant market for a fulfilling career, whether on foreign shores or back in India.

The annual fee for MPC with SAT program at Page Academy ranges from 3 to 3.5 Lakhs, contingent on the student’s performance in our admission test. For those keen on taking the Page Academy admission test, kindly submit your request to

Commence your IIT JEE preparation early to master topics from Std XI and XII, including advanced concepts. The unique nature of IIT questions demands a deep understanding of fundamentals and extensive practice. At Page Academy, we recommend a gradual and well-coordinated study plan, aligning with Std XI and XII, ensuring thorough preparation for the challenging IIT papers. Early and strategic preparation with Page Academy sets the foundation for success in IIT JEE.

The decision to attempt the exam once or twice is at the candidate’s discretion. Page Academy allows flexibility. If the candidate opts for two attempts, the higher of the two scores will be considered for ranking on the merit list. Choose the approach that aligns with your preparation strategy and goals.