Career Counseling

The Importance of Career Guidance

A career can be defined as the sequence and variety of occupations undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress. More broadly, ‘career ‘ includes life roles, leisure activities, learning and work. It includes the sum total of paid and unpaid work, learning and life roles you undertake throughout your life.

Career development is a lifelong process that is unique for every individual. Making the right career decision at the right time is crucial. Students have to make important decisions twice in their school life – first when they are in the tenth and have to choose their subjects for 11th and 12th, and second, when they are in the 12th and have to decide about what entrance examinations they are going to write and which colleges or Universities they are going to apply to. At both these stages, they need the correct guiding hand to help them make the right decision. As today, there are a plethora of careers to choose from, it can be very confusing both for the parents and for the student.

This is where PAGE comes in. We have these sessions both at the school campuses as well as at our center and there is no limit on the number of times parents may come to us for help. Sometimes it takes multiple sessions for both parent and child to be satisfied. We do a lot of counseling over phone and email too. We are proud to say that more and more parents are hearing about our career guidance program and seeking our help on how to build their child’s career. We would be happy to make a difference to the lives of your students too and lend them a helping hand.

PAGE is dedicated to the cause of education. Every year, we conduct career counseling sessions and aptitude tests free of charge for the students of the top 50 – 60 schools in Hyderabad with enthusiastic response from the students and parents. In today’s world, where there is a mind-boggling array of career options, we recognize that students and parents may not be aware of all of them nor is it easy for them to make up their minds what career path to choose. PAGE aims to help them with this decision making process and set them up for successful careers.

We do this in two stages:

  1. A short career counseling session of 45 minutes duration (customized for 10th class and 11th/12th classes respectively) where we lay out the basic career options followed by a diagnostic or aptitude test of one hour duration – again customized for 10th class and 11th/12th classes respectively – which includes testing of creativity also. We take a few days to evaluate and collate the feedback on these tests.
  1. Parent Counseling sessions where we deliver the feedback along with career advice to the parent and child. This may be done on campus, or we invite the parents to come to our center in Banjara Hills at their convenience for a one-on-one counseling session.