Sivaraju Narasimha Murthy affectionately known as Murthy Sir, earned his Master’s in Mathematics from the University of Jodhpur. He has a rich and diverse experience of 31 years teaching in multifarious institutions, each of which has been a value add to his skill sets and teaching style. A man of few words, Murthy Sir opened up when asked about his teaching style. He said, “Learning is a collaborative endeavor. I believe everyone in the classroom is part of a community where each member has a unique perspective that can add value to a learning interaction. Therefore I encourage a collaborative approach by creating an ongoing back-and-forth dialogue as I facilitate learning opportunities. In order for this to be successful, early on I strive to develop an approachable rapport with students such that they feel comfortable participating in the dialogue and asking questions when concepts are not clear.”

In addition to this, he stresses on concept-oriented teaching. Rote learning is something he abhors. “Rote learning will never yield results nor help to gain true knowledge,” he says. “It’s only a short term measure. Understanding the concept is the only path to success!”

Murthy Sir likes to relax while reading books.