Umamaheswara Rao  completed his Master’s in Physics in Nagarjuna University at Guntur. He went on to acquire a rich teaching experience of 17 years in institutions such as Vignan Junior College, NarayanaJunior College and Sri ChaitanyaJunior College after which he came to PAGE. Umamaheswara’s main aim while teaching is to make students independent learners. His idea is to train them in the habit of asking the right questions at the right time so that they develop the skills to find answers and solutions through exploration of the subject. This will increase their interest level in the subject, he feels.

Umamaheswara’s clear and precise teaching style is a boon to students as factual material is presented in a direct, logical manner. He has the skill of correctly gauging the comprehension level of the students and dealing with them accordingly. He makes himself available to students even after the lectures so that they may clarify and doubts or questions they may have. There is no doubt that this accessibility and approachability makes Umamaheswaraone of our most popular teachers.