PAGE Junior College Himayatnagar Farewell Party January 19th 2018

PAGE Junior College Himayatnagar students of the Junior year got together on January 19th, 2018 to give a spectacular sendoff to their Seniors. The event was held at Hotel Mansarovar, The Fern in a grand way and nothing was spared to make their Seniors feel extra special on that day. The students organized a fun program with dances, skits, music, singing, games and of course the Mr. & Ms. PAGE competition. Of course, lots of selfies and pictures were taken and some students got really emotional at the thought of leaving their secure home called PAGE!! Principal Vasantha ma’am had to do a lot of comforting! Finally there was a delicious lunch and then it was DJ time when the students danced to their hearts content. Truly a Farewell to remember for a long time to come!! .