PAGE Banjara Hills Fresher’s Party 2017

July 29th was the date everyone had been eagerly waiting for – the Fresher’s Party. The Seniors were anxiously looking forward to welcoming their Juniors in style – and what a welcome it was!! The event was held at The Manohar Hotel in Begumpet, and from 9am, students dressed in their best filed in to take their places amongst a lot of oohs and aahs and selfies!! Once Principal Madam Deepa arrived the event got underway with Subook and Anish anchoring very efficiently. The theme was NOVATO which means ‘new’ in Spanish. The event started with the college prayer song and after that it was songs and dances galore. In the meantime, Director J.V. Ramana Sir also arrived and joined the gathering. There was also a hilarious skit where the Seniors showed off their acting skills….in fact it seemed that nothing was beyond them…singing, dancing, acting were all done so professionally and with so much energy. The Juniors were quite enthralled. The Staff too had a surprise for the students with a song “Edo Jaruguthondi” from Fidaa led by Principal Deepa Ma’am.

And yes, the Juniors were not left out for they had to participate in the Mr. and Ms. Fresher contest. Each round was spaced out in between the items and in the end the final contestants had to face some pretty tough questions from Sandra ma’am. But they answered valiantly and soon the results were out – Divya from J3 was Ms. Fresher and Abishai, also from J3, was Mr. Fresher. JV Sir crowned the King & Queen while they posed prettily for a picture.

But the most touching part of the program in the end was the group song “Love you Zindagi” sung to the Juniors by all the Seniors and the Juniors responded by switching on their cell phone torches in the auditorium and waving them creating an ethereal effect which almost brought tears to the eyes. God Bless them. May the friendships they form remain ever strong!