November 24th to December 3rd – Confluence Education Fairs

Over the period of November 24th to December 3rd, Confluence Education which deals with Overseas Education collaborated with PAGE to hold an Education Fairs on all four PAGE Campuses for the students (and their parents) who might be considering going abroad for their further studies. The Confluence Team represents 65 countries from all over the world and has established tie-ups with several institutions across the world. Mr. E. Sheldon D. Wallbrown, who personally represents Merrimack College & Western New England University in Massachusetts was present to give first-hand information about the Universities. The events were day long and all day students and parents walked in to get information about opportunities abroad. One student summed it up neatly when he said, “I really feel I now know stuff which I never knew before. It was truly delightful to talk about my future.”