Kotamraju Chandra Sekhar Rao or Chandrasekhar Sir as he is called at PAGE is a native of Hyderabad validated by his triple MA in Sanskrit, Telugu &Astrology from Osmania University.He came to PAGE in 2016 with a rich experience of 23 years in institutions such as Tetrahedron Junior College, Narayana& Sri Chaitanya. Chandrasekhar’s classes are unique and you have to experience them to believe them. Only in his classes do the actual slokas and stories come alive as he chants, and actually sings them, transporting the students back into the ages when they were written. It’s a performance, not a class, and no student can say theirLanguage class is dull!

This stems from the fact that Chandrasekhar’s passion is ethos, folklore & culture. He tries to create in his students a sense of Nationalism by teaching them about our ancient past and culture. And as one of his hobbies is reading about history, his teachings are well supported. 

His take on life? “There is a Design in our Life “he says, “and it works its way irrespective of our noticing it!”