CBSE Class X Question Bank 2020

  • February 19, 2020 - 12:00am

PAGE Junior Colleges Wish Good Luck to all the students appearing for the class X Board exams!

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on Monday, February 17, 2020, released the Question Bank for Practice for Class X students who would appear in the upcoming Board exams 2020. 

The CBSE X question bank 2020 comprises of 2000+ questions and answers for all core subjects: Maths, Science, English- Foot Prints without Feet, English- First Flight, Hindi-Sanchayan 2, Hindi Sparsh 2, Political Science, Geography, Economics and History. 
The students can access these questions and their possible step by step solutions which have been curated by subject teachers of schools affiliated to CBSE through the official app – DIKSHA. 

[blink]Math Practice Book [/blink] 
[blink]Science Practice Book  [/blink]
[blink]History Practice Book [/blink]
[blink]Economics Practice Book [/blink]  
[blink]Political Science Practice Book [/blink]
[blink]Geography Practice Book  [/blink]
[blink]Hindi – Sparsh 2 Practice Book  [/blink]
[blink]Hindi – Sanchayan 2 Practice Book [/blink]
[blink]English – Foot Prints without Feet Practice Book [/blink]
[blink]English – First Flight Practice Book [/blink]

Content for the Subject

[blink]Science Practice Book [/blink]
[blink]Math Practice Book [/blink]
[blink]Hindi Sanchayan 2 Practice Book[/blink]
[blink]Economics Practice Book [/blink]
[blink]English- Foot Prints Without Feet Practice Book [/blink]
[blink]English- First Flight Practice Book [/blink]
[blink]Political Science Practice Book [/blink]
[blink]Geography Practice Book [/blink]
[blink]History Practice Book [/blink]

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