Administrative Officer, Residential Campus


General Role:

The general role of the Administrative Officer of the PAGE Residential Campus is to develop a vision and strategy which keeps the Institution at the forefront of educational innovation and outstanding achievement and which maintains its position within its local community as a key and valued partner committed to excellence.

The Administrative Officer will be expected to lead, inspire and develop the management team and staff, maintaining at all times that ethos of partnership and shared decision making which has been so fundamental to the Institution’s success.

The Administrative Officer will be expected to develop strong and purposeful working relationships with the Faculty, Staff & Management, whose role it is to define the educational character and strategic priorities of the Institution. It will then be the Administrative Officer’s role to implement these policies and to provide leadership to Institution staff, ensuring that they share and reflect the Institution’s mission, values and aspirations.

The Administrative Officer will be expected to devote quality time to networking and building up relationships with the parents of the students entrusted to the Institute’s care. There must be regular interaction with the parents in such a way as to keep channels of communication open with them at all times.


The Administrative Officer shall report directly to the Directors of the Institution.

Key Areas of Responsibility


The Administrative Officer will:

       1.Provide effective leadership to the Institution in fulfilling its mission as determined by the Management

       2.Make proposals to the Management regarding the educational character, activities, and mission of the Institution, developing a suitably ambitious vision to inspire and    motivate

       3.Ensure that the Management is fully engaged in all strategic decisions which affect the mission and character of the Institution and implement the decisions of the    Management

       4.Determine the Institution’s academic and other activities

       5.Organize, direct and manage the Institution and lead the staff, providing inspiring and motivating leadership to those engaged in teaching, training and also to other  departments like administration and marketing.


The Administrative Officer will:

       1.Work with the marketing and counseling teams to introduce effective strategies for the recruitment of students.

       2.Ensure high quality arrangements exist for teaching, learning and student support and that the Institution delivers high quality education and training.

       3.To this end, counsel and motivate students to improve their performance and consistently achieve excellent results. Additionally, coordinate with Administrative &  Academic Officer to conduct support sessions for slow learners after the Institution hours.

       4.Strive to make the Institution an inclusive, student-centered organization and an effective learning environment for students of all batches.

       5.Maintain student discipline and, within the established rules and procedure, suspend or expel students on disciplinary grounds or expel students for academic reasons after  consultation with the Management.

       6.The daily necessities relating to food and accommodation such as a clean and comfortable hostel environment, healthy, nutritious and hygienic food etc are to be ensured  by the Administrative Officer and all support staff shall be line managed to this end.

       7.Health and safety of the students – both physical and psychological – shall be taken care of by the Administrative Officer. Relationships with nearby doctors and hospitals  shall be maintained to this end.

Interaction with parents

The Administrative Officer will:

       1.Take active part in networking with parents for admission counseling.

       2.Scrupulously track the performance of each child and follow up with the parents. To this end the Administrative Officer shall hold Parent/Teacher meetings at regular    intervals to provide a platform for parents to interact with the Institution.

       3.Counsel parents whenever required regarding their ward’s performance and progress.

       4.Keep channels of communication open with the parents at all times by communication via sms or email regarding the student’s performance, test or exam marks or the  schedule of the students. Major happenings on the campus such as exams and tests shall be communicated in this manner.


The Administrative Officer will:

1.Lead and contribute to the development, implementation and monitoring of Institution plans and policies

2.Ensure the effective review of policies and procedures which involve the Management, Staff, Faculty and Students.


The Administrative Officer will:

       1.Provide the organization, direction and management of the institution and leadership of the staff

       2.Ensure the appointment, assignment, grading, appraisal, suspension, dismissal and determination, within the framework set by the Management, of the pay and conditions  of service of staff

       3.Provide management and leadership of staff which will ensure that the Institution discharges all of its legal responsibilities and that good employee relations are  maintained and developed

       4.Promote discipline and good conduct and encourage commitment of staff, leading by example

       5.Contribute to the training of staff to ensure the effective implementation of policies and systems agreed by the Management team


Management and Quality

The Administrative Officer will:

       1.Co-operate with the Directors and colleagues in the administrative and marketing teams to ensure that the Institution offers the highest quality service to its clients and    foster a culture of excellence and innovation

       2.Directly line manage and monitor the work of the Faculty and Institution staff

       3.Develop an ethos of teamwork throughout the organization

       4.Coordinate with the Academic Coordinator to ensure that appropriate targets are set and agreed throughout the Institution, that performance against them is monitored  and that the Institution meets or exceeds them

       5.Make certain that the Institution at all levels is committed to the development and personal growth of all the individuals it employs or serves

Partnerships and Communication

The Administrative Officer will:

       1.Seek out development opportunities for the Institution, including business and community partnerships

       2.Ensure that the Institution is effectively represented and promoted in local, regional and national forums and that information from external sources is disseminated widely  throughout the Institution

       3.Contribute to the development and maintenance of effective communication within and beyond the Institution and act as an ambassador for the Institution and an    advocate of its interests

       4.Maintain and develop the Institution’s partnerships with higher education institutions to meet the higher education needs of students

       5.Partner with internal teams like the marketing team to help set up counseling and orientation sessions in schools and other Institutions



       1.The Administrative Officer will adopt flexible working methods to meet the changing needs of the Institution.

       2.Extreme flexibility is required especially during the admission season in the months of April, May & June when extra working time will need to be invested and if necessary  on Sundays or Public Holidays as well.

Equality of Opportunity

The Administrative Officer will adopt and encourage a positive attitude towards equal opportunities and ensure the development of equal opportunities throughout all aspects of service delivery and employment

Professional Standards

The Administrative Officer will:

       1.Develop and maintain quality standards appropriate to the post

       2.Develop and maintain professional standards and expertise by undertaking relevant professional development


Disclaimer: This is not a complete statement of all duties and responsibilities of this post. The Administrative Officer may be required to carry out other duties in keeping with the nature of the post as directed by, and agreed with, the Management.