Class 12

Career Guidance for Class XII students

Once a student comes from Class XI to XII, they have to start thinking about the second most important decision in their student life. In Class X, you decided generally what stream you would be taking – Science or Arts, Maths or Biology, English or Commerce. Now you have to fine tune that decision and , decide the actual career path you will be following, which colleges you plan to apply to and based on that, which entrance exams you are going to write. For example, if you have taken Maths but do not want to be an Engineer, what other options do you have? If you want to do Commerce because you like it, but are not interested in becoming a CA, can you later take up Law? These and many more are the questions you have to consider and answer. Once again, PAGE is happy to step in and offer you valuable guidance in making these decisions.

PAGE conducts a three-stage career guidance program on the school & college campuses for the students of Class XII. We also conduct sessions at our Banjara Hills center whenever necessary. These counseling sessions and aptitude tests are free of charge. Here is the outline of the program:

  1. Career Guidance session: The first step of the program is to conduct a Career Guidance session for the students customized to which audience we are speaking to, for example, MPC, BPC Commerce etc. We talk in detail about the various career options available in these groups and also highlight the various entrance exams that have to be written for each field. In addition, we inform the students about the top institutes in the country which they can apply to. We leave the students with a handout that they can study at their leisure.
  2. Aptitude test: At this stage we conduct a one hour aptitude test, customized for the group that the student belongs to, that is, Maths, Biology or Commerce. This test is basically to test the readiness of the student to attempt the various entrance exams that lie ahead. It includes a section on Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning which are core subjects of any entrance exam. It also includes a creativity section which tests the student’s creative abilities in order to ascertain whether they may be cut out for fields such as Architecture, Design, Fashion Technology or Fine Arts. This is purely an academic exercise. It is not a psychometric test.
  3. Parent Counseling: The last stage is Parent counseling where we have a detailed counseling session with the parents and student together. This stage is very important as it is at this point that we can come to an actual decision about the student’s future plans. We discuss the exams they need to write and which colleges they will have to apply to. Basically we make not only a plan, but also a backup plan for the student. If any further details are to be researched, we will be in touch with the parents and student via phone or email.


Note to School/College Principals & Counselors:

We invite all schools/colleges having Class X/Intermediate 2nd year to book a slot with us for these career guidance sessions. We will be happy to come to your school or college campus and conduct the sessions there. We can also conduct the parent counseling sessions on the days you have parent teacher meetings or any other day that is convenient. We do not charge for these sessions. Call for details on 9246572066.

Note to parents:

If career guidance sessions haven’t been conducted through your ward’s school or college, please feel free to come to our Banjara Hills center and have the sessions conducted for your child. You may come any day Monday to Saturday between 11 & 4 pm. We do not charge for these sessions. Call for details on 9246572066.