Class 10

Career Guidance for Class X students

Class X is a crucial year where the student has to make a choice about what stream to choose in his or her Plus Two education. This is the first big career decision that a student has to make in his or her life. Very often both the students and the parents are confused, and further chaos is created by various opinions expressed by all sorts of people like family, friends and peer groups. PAGE offers a way out of this.

PAGE conducts a three-stage career counseling program for Class X students which helps them make a choice. This is mainly done on the school campuses although we do conduct sessions at our Banjara Hills center whenever necessary. These counseling sessions and aptitude tests are free of charge.

  1. Career Orientation: First, we conduct a 30 minute career orientation for the students wherein we discuss and define what a career is and how to take a career decision. This is followed by highlighting all the general career options for different streams like Mathematics, Biology, Commerce, etc. A handout is given to the students for them to take home and study at leisure.
  2. Aptitude test: A one hour General Aptitude test will be conducted which identifies the student’s strengths and weaknesses and tests the student in basic Class X subjects. It includes a section on Quantitative Aptitude and simple Logical Reasoning which are core subjects of any entrance exam. It also includes a creativity section which tests the child’s creative abilities in order to ascertain whether they may be cut out for fields such as Architecture, Design, Fashion Technology or Fine Arts. This is purely an academic exercise. It is not a psychometric test.
  3. Parent Counseling: Once the score card of the child has been prepared, we arrange a parent counseling session in collaboration with the school, to meet with the parents and discuss the student’s performance and abilities. At this point, the student also actively participates in letting us know what they are and are not interested in. Based on this input and the performance of the student in the aptitude test, we are able to determine the general direction the student should be going in for Plus Two.

Note to School Principals & Counselors:

We invite all schools having Class X to book a slot with us for these career guidance sessions. We will be happy to come to your school campus and conduct the sessions there. We can also conduct the parent counseling sessions on the days you have parent teacher meetings or any other day that is convenient.We do not charge for these sessions. Call for details on 9246572066 or click here.

Note to parents:

If career guidance sessions haven’t been conducted through your ward’s school, please feel free to come to our Banjara Hills center and have the sessions conducted for your child.  If you have your child take our online Career Aptitude Test, you can come to us with a print out of the score card. You may come any day Monday to Saturday between 10 & 4 pm. We do not charge for these sessions. Call for details on 9246572066.