Anveshan 2016– A Summer Camp for students who appeared for Class X Board Exams

In keeping with its reputation for innovative thinking and learning aids, PAGE introduced the Anveshan program in 2014. This is a 2 week summer program for students who have appeared for Class X and are on the brink of a new world as they make career oriented subject choices for Intermediate or Higher Secondary School.

Modelled along the lines of a boot camp, Anveshan gives students an exposure to the kinds and levels of subjects that they will encounter in classes XI/XII or Intermediate I/II year. They work on topics from Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Accounts, Economics, Commerce, Language, Drawing and Design sensibility etc. Students are exposed to fields such as Astrophysics. They are also exposed to industry related talks such as on Law or Management or Chartered Accountancy, with a view to giving them an idea of what the careers entail.  Sessions are a combination of classroom teaching and activity based teaching, including design concepts out of the classroom and construction kits in the classroom. The students are also taken for an outdoor learning experience which enables them to have a firsthand experience of things. We also take a session of personality development for the students which is much needed in the today’s scenario. We also tickle the creative side in the students by engaging them in workshops such as a music workshop or a hospitality management workshop. The idea is to give students information which will enable them to choose a subject for a career that will sustain their interest over time.

The first Anveshan is being held from April 4th to April 21st. We plan to start the next on from April 27th.