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JEE [Mains] & BITSAT 


Time is not enough for a JEE Crash Course after the Board Exams! You need to start JEE [Mains] Midterm Coaching NOW!

We have the perfect solution for you! Focus on JEE [Mains] now and on BITSAT after the Board Exams. 


What is the schedule?

- 2 hrs on Fri & Sat

- 6 hrs on Sunday from November to February

- 6 hrs per day after the Board exams till JEE main exam

- Exclusive BITSAT Logic & Language Workshop after JEE [Mains] 


What do you get?

- JEE [Mains] Classes: 160 hrs

- BITSAT Logic & Language Workshop: 21 hrs

- Concept Maps on Maths, Physics, & Chemistry

- Online tests for all the entrance exams

- Admission Counseling & Career Guidance


Call 9100079112/9246572069