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A two day MASTERCLASS IN DRAWING FOR ART/DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE And BASIC DESIGN METHODS is organised by our college on 14 th and 15 th July 2018 as below:


DAY 1  (14th JULY 2018)


The Module aims to teach senior students of art/architecture/design the  secrets of drawing at a very fundamental level of understanding. The simple exercises require close guidance from the teacher but can be understood within a space of two to three hours. Once understood, daily repetition of the exercises eventually result in the student achieving masterclass levels of ability within a period of one to three months depending upon the hours spent per day.

The second part of the day involves a short life sketching exercise which makes clear what is artistic expression and removes some misconceptions from the students. The exercises are graded and utilize the basic exercises which the students learnt earlier in the day.

Materials required:

From student:
6B, 2B, HB, 4H pencils. A3 sketchbook of Cartridge paper. 10 sheets of Bond paper. One full imperial (A1) Sheet of Ivory or good quality cartridge paper. Small cutter to sharpen pencils. Half imperial Drawing board.

DAY 2  ( 15th JULY)



The two modules aim to introduce the concepts of design method to the students. Without being specific in nature, students can utilise these methods in any field of art/architecture and design.

Materials required:

From Student:
4 to 5 A3 coloured papers(thick craft paper). Stack of 20 multicolor A4 craft sheets. (Students can choose their own colors that they like best).20 sheets of A4 bond paper. One sheet of good quality tracing paper. pencils, pens. Cutter, Scissors, Glue, Scotchtape. Cutting mat. Camera phone to take pictures.


Interested students can pay and register for the workshop on or before 12th July 2018.

Fee for the above workshop is Rs.2500/-